Design contest for urban regeneration

The «Call for concept» is aimed at an international comparison for students of the University Schools of Architecture, Design, Art, on a real case for the project of urban regeneration: the public space and the system of the arcades of via Sacchi in Turin, defined as the suburbs of the city center, currently in a state of commercial decline.

The call for concept asks to outline a concept of approach to the re-generation of “via Sacchi”, as an area of creativity, inclusiveness and sustainability. The call offers the opportunity to participate, after a selection, to a “Living Lab” that deepens the proposed scenarios with experts, administrators, associations of citizens.

Goals of the “Call for concept” are:
– to imagine new potential functions for the ground floor of the arcades and for the pedestrian and cycle path along the opposite railway border;
– to conceive ways of transforming places and spaces like as a “model”;
– to experiment possible new technologies in the direction of the “smile city”.
functions and ways of use of the streets
the components of the urban scene, respecting the historical values
analogical and/or digital solutions for the use and communication of paths; permanent or temporary equipment systems; light & sound scape and communication tools.

Deadline for receipt of applications: September 30, 2018, h 12.00

The Call is banned by DAD – Politecnico di Torino in partnership with the City of Turin, the Contrada Foundation, the Rilanciamo Via Sacchi Committee, the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts and the UNESCO Network of Creative CitiesDesign.

The organizing committee
Rossella Maspoli, Claudio Germak, Elena Dellapiana, Marco Bozzola
Politecnico di Torino DAD – Department of Architecture and Design