Torino Design of the City, with its guests from over 40 nations of the world, will be an important moment for the whole City. There will be time to reflect on the theme of designs and services, and identify the key points for development, which will give new answers but also new queries.

The program of the event coordinated by the Councillorship for Culture, and in partnership with other town Councillorships and the Design Consultation Table, will support the program of public encounters and moments of dialogues open to the citizens.

Turin looks to Design with great interest since it aims to reconsider its services in a radical way, starting from the capacity to interpret the demand, including the potential ones.

The alliance with Design – intended as a work methodology that can give rise also to unexpressed and hidden aspects – is fundamental. Another equally important alliance is that with the technicians who manage to draw up processes and monitor procedures together with the products, and above all, in the initial phase of creation and design.

There are answers to be found not only for a single product but for the entire process design, which starts from administrative practice and extends to the analysis of the demand, experiments, project development capabilities of the service – and only in the end – the design of single products.

It means stimulating a milieu of creative people to work on themes that regard the Public Administration and the Common Good, offering occasions for research that can be reference points for creative youth, and placing instruments for dialogue and professional growth at their disposal.

The meetings and official talks will be accompanied by workshops of the Design and Participation section in which design will be discussed in places like the Library or District Homes, in collaboration with associations, schools and organizations that engage in social innovation.

Instead, the focus on public design for the city will face themes on urban requalification and regeneration of city spaces: “Via Sacchi – the street of Design” from 10 to 30 October will enliven Via Paolo Sacchi with actions to contrast the business losses and the increased material and social deterioration over the last years.

For the City of Turin, therefore, Design Week aims to open an initial dialogue with the designers to jointly reflect on the instruments to be implemented, so that the complex demands of the Administration can be accepted by the professional community, triggering virtual cycles of opportunities and creativity in finding solutions.

The Mayor of Turin  Chiara Appendino
Councilor for Culture  Francesca Leon

The Torino Design of the City event during the Design Week this coming October 2017, will take place in conjunction with the 30th General Assembly (GA) of the World Design Organization™ – WDO (formerly the International Council of Societies Of Industrial Design-Icsid), a biennial event that gathers its members to address key issues affecting the design industry and identify opportunities to highlight the power of design to create a better world.
This edition of the GA is particularly significant for WDO since it will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the international organization which was established (created in 1957, and currently based in Montreal. Today counts 140 member associations worldwide that engage in the promotion of design, and are spread out in 40 countries and 6 continents. Design is changing and has broadened its focus from products and services, to target collective objectives that contribute in an increasingly conscious manner, to the creation of a better world.

The City of Turin was the first to receive the World Design Capital® designation by ICSID in 2008. Since then this designation is awarded every two years to a different city that commits an entire year to design as the engine of urban regeneration. To date Seoul, Helsinki, Cape Town, Taipei and Mexico City have joined the network of WDC designated cities, and this year the WDO presence in Turin will be an occasion to invite the city network to take stock of this important initiative.

As in 2008, the contribution of ADI, the Association for Industrial Design, consisted in boosting Italy’s presence in the international scenario and promoting the candidature of an Italian city to host the event, furnishing support in the diffusion of the discussion on design. ADI, established in Italy in 1956 was among the founding members of the Icsid in 1957 and is now a WDO associate.

The City of Turin won the tender to host the General Assembly in 2017, which will be the opportunity to involve international experts and speakers, and constitute an event within the more widespread Design Week activities involving the entire city.

The title and main theme chosen for the event is “Design of the City,” wherein design will be conceived as a useful instrument for the city and its citizens. The last Icsid Congress which took place in Italy in 1983 was entitled, “From the spoon to the city, 30 years later,” citing the famous phrase of Ernesto Nathan Rogers in the 1950s. Today, the city with its development is central to the discussion and industrial design, and in a dialogue with the other disciplines, places at the disposal of all, its own methodology for the performance of concrete processes of change.

Design reveals to be the strategic factor that can contribute to the development of urban policies, in harmony with the values of sustainability and sharing of choices, which have become priority approaches in creating new opportunities for economic and cultural growth.

Luisa Bocchietto, President-Elect of the World Design Organization