In December 2014 the City of Torino has been designated UNESCO Creative City for Design. The Piedmont capital has effectively important excellence and huge experience in this field. The theme of design (one of the main categories of the Creative Cities Network, the one in which the city was a candidate) is suitable for the city of Torino, which has made this one of the keys for industrial and post-industrial development, and for which it has already received prestigious international awards.

The Creative City designation recognise Torino to be able to evidence their own identity, unifying the historical industrial profile to new vocations in the field of technology and research, education and knowledge, culture, art and tourism. For any business or work department, all of its productive field is called, in a global market system, to get a role in terms of innovation, proposal ability and competition on international level. Design for our city surely represent one of the main keys for this challenge.

The candidacy represent a vision for the future of the city, starting from a past linked to car-design and to our industrial vocation, but now projected to a new strategy, open to innovation in technology, culture and tourism fields.

We are trying to acting strategies and initiatives to enhance, in the keys of visibility and networking, the entire Torino design chain.

The candidacy themes, thanks to which Torino was designates, are the promotion of the automotive history and supply chain, design as a creative innovation, technological progress for mobility and vehicles, regeneration and sustainable urban development.

To be an UNESCO Creative City means to look for the real roots of its environment, but also to face at international level with all the other UNESCO design cities worldwide, about the candidacy themes.

Today the UNESCO design sub-network is composed by the following cities: Bandung, Beijing, Berlin, Bilbao, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Curitiba, Detroit, Dundee, Graz, Helsinki, Kaunas, Kobe, Montreal, Nagoya, Puebla, Saint-Etienne, Seoul, Shangai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Torino.

Aim of the Creative Cities is to put at the center of their strategies creativity and cultural field in the local development plans, and actively cooperate with the other network cities at international level. For that, Torino as creative city want to build up projects and partnerships with the network cities about how creativity could be a strategic factor for society sustainable development.

Torino Creative City of Design has, therefore, the ambition to support the local design chain system gathering ideas and proposals of the whole district, but has also the objective to organize a program of permanent events – one of them is Torino City Of Design – open to all the people, with exchange occasions and meeting involving the UNESCO creative Cities an all active bodies, in order to set up a shared policy on design. On this field, in collaboration with the many public and private institutions operating in the Torino design chain, we have set-up the Torino Design Advisory Board, an official body including all the representatives of the design chain: public institutions, education field, category associations, professionals, production field, research, commerce, heritage development. A system composed by different bodies, working together continuously.