Space for Design – Internazionale Design Contest

Fondazione per l’architettura  has launched a contest for the metropolitan area of ​​Turin and the Municipality of Moncalieri. The international design contest Space for design challenges architects, designers and university students of the Schools of Design and Architecture, to come up with solutions for accessibility, in all its dimensions, both tangible and intangible, to the urban spaces of the historic centres in the metropolitan area of ​​Turin.

The contest focuses on two target areas – Via Po, in the city of Turin, and the street leading up to the Castle in the historic centre of Moncalieri. Nonetheless, participants are required to develop universal solutions that can also be applied to other urban contexts. The contest deadline is 31 August 2018.
In the framework of the “European Year of Heritage 2018”, the contest will precede the Design Week Programme “Torino Design of the City 2018” when concept proposals will be exhibited to the public.

For more information please consult the Fondazione website.