Design for urban regeneration.

From 10 to 30 October Via Sacchi will turn into the center of reflection and proposal on urban regeneration and the revitalization of a linear porticoed axis of one kilometer which has shown evident signs of deterioration over the last years. Design will be the unifying factor of these activities, expressed in various and diverse application modes. The focal point will be opening of #SACCHI56, an institutional info point located in an unrented shop on Via Sacchi which will be used as the territory’s listening center. In this brief but intense period, we shall attempt to re design Via Sacchi together with the inhabitants, businessmen, entrepreneurs and the local institutions. Simultaneously there will be seminars, workshops, laboratories, exhibitions, artistic performances and brief tours on the discovery of the less known sites of the street. Scientific-cultural partners will contribute to the concretization of this rich program such as the Polytechnic University of Turin’s Faculty of Architecture and Design, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, together with associations of the province and the creative youths who will temporarily occupy the business facilities currently not leased to present their design productions. The objective pursued is that of exemplifying experimental operating modes that can generate over time a long-lasting and revitalization that can be transposed in other deteriorated contexts.

Germano Tagliasacchi, Contrada Turin Foundation