Netx June (from 10th to 15th), in Fabriano will take place the 13th UNESCO Creative Cities Conference.

Fabriano will organize the Conference as a little Expo, with Pavillons dedicated to each cluster, and asked Torino (as unique Italian Creative City of Design) to help organize activities in the Pavilion.

We think it might be interesting to present to the Italian audience the collaborative projects that inproving the life of their inhabitants in terms of better social and economic inclusion, and in same time to show the cluster’s work and to create a mutual knowledge of them.

Therefore we invite the UNESCO Creative Cities of Design to submit a project for a service, place or product with the features mentioned above.

The projects will be showcased in a display for the Design Pavilion, will be incorporated into the Design Cities activity report to the network during the Annual Conference and will be shared in the form of an interactive workshop during the Annual Conference.