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LIST OF WHL WORLD HERITAGE SITES The identification, protection, conservation and passing down to future generations of cultural and natural heritage across the world: this is one of UNESCO’s chief missions. Heritage refers to the legacy of our past, which we enjoy today and which we pass onto future generations. Our heritage, be it cultural […]

Graphic days

Festival Are you all ready for the Print Parade? From 4 to 14 May, the Cavallerizza Reale in Turin will be transformed into a large laboratory dedicated to printing: exhibitions, performances, talks, live printing sessions and workshops will recount experiences from the five continents, showing how an idea is transformed into a tangible product . Print Parade […]

Utopian Hours 2022

Utopian Hours 2022. A World of 8 Billion Cities From 14 to 16 October in Turin the 6th edition of the international festival of cities. The A World of 8 Billion Cities theme  culminates the reflection on the urban spirit, in an ideal trilogy with the 2020 and 2021 editions. The city is wherever there is a citizen […]