International Forum -The City of the Future

10 –11 October
9:30am – 6:00pm
International Forum
The City of the Future
The Forum is the central moment of Torino Design of the City 2019.
It is structured in a plenary session open to all citizens.
The UNESCO Creative Cities of Design are invited to talk about the projects they presented in response to the call launched by Torino on the occasion of the XIII Annual Conference in Fabriano, last June, many of which were created in collaboration with each other.

The cities invited are Montréal and Detroit (Commerce Design, a project to convince, through a competition, the owners of shops and restaurants to invest in quality design for their premises, with the support of qualified professionals, now involving 14 cities around the world);

Saint Étienne (Human Cities_ Challenging the City Scale which coordinates 12 partner cities, to experiment in innovation of urban spaces through the collaboration of citizens and creative professionals);

Cape Town and Kortijk (MyMachine®, an educational project of inter-generational cooperation between primary school children, students of technical and university institutions collaborating on equal terms);

Wuhan (Development Report on UNESCO Creative Cities in China, analysis of the experiences of the 12 creative Chinese cities and the challenges they faced in formulating specific policies to support creative industries and pragmatic and relevant proposals on sustainable development of the whole Network);

Singapore (UNESCO Creative Cities of Design Public Forum, for the exchange of experiences, knowledge and good practices in the fields of education, public policy, business and communication);

Seoul (Establishment and Operation of Seoul Up-cycling Plaza, South Korea’s largest space dedicated to the culture of up-cycling);

Shanghai (Regenerated Yuyuan Road to Friendly Connected Community, focusing on visual design, cultural heritage and innovation, the regeneration of Yuyuan Road aims to recover its cultural and historical characteristics and reactivate its commercial potential);

Kortijk, with 2 projects (Future of Space, a multidisciplinary group of young designers has created an immersive spatial experience to give new life to an abandoned industrial building) and above all 5X5® (a project that provides five companies with the support of a senior and a junior designer: using a program articulated in 10 specific steps, they develop a new product or service).

Other cities invited are Fabriano, to present the results of the XIII Annual Conference, and UNESCO Paris, to illustrate the prospects of the UNESCO Creative Cities for the coming years.
The Forum is also an opportunity to take a look at the important events that will take place next year: Madrid presents the Madrid Design Festival, where Torino is invited as a guest of honour, and Lille the next WDO General Assembly, during which Torino, former host, will have an important role.

A second moment will follow, with smaller working tables for local actors interested in creating partnerships (educational bodies, Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, citizens) or in learning more about the projects presented and in comparing experiences; finally the results of these meetings will be shared with everyone during a plenary session.
Free admission

Energy Center
via Paolo Borsellino 38, Torino
City of Torino