Utopian Hours 2022

Utopian Hours 2022.
A World of 8 Billion Cities
From 14 to 16 October in Turin the 6th edition of the international festival of cities. The A World of 8 Billion Cities theme  culminates the reflection on the urban spirit, in an ideal trilogy with the 2020 and 2021 editions.
The city is wherever there is a citizen / From city making to citizen making  / The festival broadens the vision on the urban future of the planet and completes the reflection born with the edition of the first post-pandemic / After “The City At Stake (2020) and “The 1000-minute City” (2021) the theme of the 6th edition continues the analysis on the “State of the City” / A  contemporary trilogy  on the shape and image of the city / Objective: to reconcile the contrast between city quitters and city revivers
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