Best Practices in Torino:
what design makes in outbreak times



(Design Lab of Politecnico di Torino).

Project ZEFIRO
The project responds to the lack of personal protective equipment for health professionals working in hospitals.
The aim of the project is to develop a self-produced personal protective device, more precisely a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) for all the health professionals that are working in the intensive care unit.
The self-production of the system foresees the use of additive manufacturing techniques for rapid prototyping, linked to the use of materials that can easily be found in the market and employed, according to the legislation, inside the health structures.
Likewise, you can find references to the project, which was released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Italy (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IT) license.

The source files of the project will soon be published on GitHub.


–  a technical assistance service for people in need.
Currently, we rely on 15 volunteers and we have processed 160 “requested” cases.
Visit our Facebook page for a summary of the requests:

– a compilation of “needs”, ideas shared by healthcare facilities and private individuals to create projects in relation with Covid-19. We currently count on two teams of work. On the one hand, a team working with the association of people with limb disabilities in order to find safety solutions (ways to put on the mask and gloves autonomously, etc.). On the other hand, a team working with the school of dentistry, with an eye on the Phase 2.

– as a 3D factory, in collaboration with the cities of Turin, Milan, Parma and Matera, we have produced hundreds of ventilator valves and face shields. However, although we felt a positive emotion wave regarding this initiative, we are giving it up as we believe that there is no certainty of real usefulness.

(source Hackability)


Print Club and Graphic Days

Print Club Torino has launched the social media project: Stay Home | Stay Curious.
The project is an examination about how people face their forced isolation, and it
invites people to tell their story by their “remnants of beauty.” It is conceived as a
documentary series composed of three seasons. Every one of them stimulates the
debate and the sharing.

The first part of the project, Season 1, is available in the following link:

The second part of the project, Season 2, is available in the link:
It is necessary to click on the Instagram Stories Highlights.

The last third season will be shaped with the material provided by the participants and
it will give rise to the creation of a physical and online exhibition, giving form to all the
emotions, exchanges and actions of our community.

Graphic Days® allows everyone to listen to the conferences of the last edition in
streaming, giving everyone the opportunity to listen and watch speeches of the best
international studies of design and communication.
The hashtags #GraphicDaysfromHome #iorestoacasa (“#stayhome”) describe the project.

(source: Print Club)


Turismo Torino e Provincia

The Regional Tourism Observatory has been activated to produce a specific project aimed at monitoring the situation in the territory while engaging all the interested parties. The objectives are, in the one hand, the gathering of the different voices of the touristic sector; and on the other hand, the enhancement of the eventual results to set the new guidelines that will be implemented once the emergency will be over. The work is being led with the support of the Department of Management and the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Modern Cultures ― Sciences of Tourism in the University of Turin.

  • We are in constant touch with the representatives of several European destinations through the network “European Cities Marketing”, to which we have been members for 20 years. We participate to diverse moments of exchange and sharing regarding the current situation, these are appointments that we consider fundamental to have a wide open vision about what is happening in Europe and about the effects on the flux of tourists caused by the pandemic.
  • The contact center has a channel to provide phone support to accommodation facilities (explanation of regional ordinances, opening calendars, data communication…).
  • Every day of the week we propose different themes. Then, we invite the users to tag us on their archive photographies, stories, or videos according to the topic of the day.
  • A campaign of influence marketing, firstly by Italian influencers, and probably in Autumn by French, German and English influencers. The goal is to increase the communication and to strengthen the position of Turin as a destination in social media.
  • Promotion of social and virtual initiatives by institutions, museums, and cultural institutions of the territory. For this purpose, we ask you to send us your initiatives to include them in our editorial programme.
  • Support and promotion of touristic operators in Italy on Facebook.

(source: Turismo Torino e Provincia)


Il Circolo del Design

– The project Welcome to the post-analog condition*: a digital archive that is built in real time to start a shared reflection in relation with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first step was to interview some of the most relevant Italian figures regarding critique and research on the design world and on the project ―for a wider point of view― (such as Joseph Grima, Formafantasma, Luca Molinari, Ugo La Pietra or Giorgia Lupi, among others and whose interviews were published on 27 April 2020), while listening to their perspective about what we are living and their vision about the role that design may play nowadays and in the near future.

The interviews will merge into a wider project that will be launched on May 5: a choral platform composed of podcasts, critical second readings of authorial projects of the past specially made by designers and architects, literary hints, and video content.

A database of considerations and references regarding the project’s culture with the conditions established by this global historical event.

From May 5, it will be possible to visit all this content by accessing the site:

(source: Circolo del Design)



Many initiatives have been taken to engage and interact with the workers:

– Daily newsletters with updates about the pandemic and a live chat with the internal task force every two weeks.

– Useful advice to work from home during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic ―since the workers are forced to stay home for a long time―; and an online course about the main subjects related to smart working, highlighting the characteristics and the advantages of the programme and guidelines to work safely, as well as the main laws that stipulate it.

– Activation of helplines for counseling with a professional in order to face the great possible difficulties generated by this period of uncertainty and isolation.

– From 2019, the company has activated an e-learning platform because the knowledge of the professional that work for Italdesign must be preserved, increased and adapted to promptly fulfill and foresee the market’s demands in terms of know-how and social abilities. In the last months, numerous facultative refresher courses have been promoted.

– Activation of a helpdesk service available to everyone for assistance regarding the instruments implemented by the company. To guarantee the confidentiality of documents and information ―as an additional safety measure―, a protection system has been set up in every computer, to isolate them from the company’s network in case of malicious activities.

– Paid leaves from work for those employees that engage in volunteering activities related to Covid-19.

After having implemented the sanitizing procedures in the workplace and all the health safety actions stipulated by ministerial decrees, either individual or collective, with the necessary protective measures and the correct supply of personal protective equipment, Italdesign is now ready to resume almost all the production activities at its premises located in the metropolitan area of Turin.

From next Monday, May 4, employees of the Pre-Series and the ULSP (Ultra-Limited Series Production of especial automobiles) departments will be called back to work, and in this manner the company will return to an activity regime close to 100%.Professionals who will operate on site will join their colleagues working from remote.

(fonte: Italdesign)


UNESCO Centre of Torino


  • The pilot project The same but different too: education for global citizenship, with the students of the Scientific High School Cattaneo di Torino in grade 3. After the seven meetings in the classroom expected by the Project, we have carried out, on 21 April by electronic means, a virtual visit to the UN Campus of Turin with the help of a PowerPoint presentation and some videos.
    The students have presented their summary of the whole experience in PowerPoint.
  • The training Path 2019/2020 Life on Earth: preserve and protect the health of plants and the environment that surrounds us has involved 1400 students and 66 teachers. On May 21, between 10 and 12, its last day will take place.
  • Online training course to learn the Method ECA-UNESCO (of which the UNESCO center is depositary) for a group of young people.


  • WhatsApp group for the UNESCO Clubs of Piedmont with the purpose of exchanging calls and aid applications.
  • Subscription for Children Advocacy Foundation to answer their call and to support their activities of welcome and assistance. The contributions received were immediately transferred to the Foundation.
  • Location of raw materials to produce hygienizing gel for hospitals, police force, Civil Protection and provinces where there are UNESCO Clubs of Piedmont.
  • Following the call of NutriAid, a contribution to buy materials for Senegal, Madagascar and Burkina Faso.
  • Fundraising in favor of the Solidarité Paris-Bouaké Association, which was created with the aim of tackling sanitation problems in the Paris district of Bouaké, in Ivory Coast. The fundraising is still open in the link:


  • On 23 April, the World Book and Copyright Day: lecture of 25 book fragments. The file audio that encompasses every contribution is still being set up.

Web page:

Visit our Facebook page for more information and all the updates:

(source: Centro UNESCO Torino)


Fondazione per l’architettura

The Festival Bottom up! is still on track, but its activities are now online.
At this point, the festival continues in the following manner:

The weekly Facebook Bottom Up! live, every Friday from 15:00 on the page of Bottom Up! We are also working on an event in streaming dedicated to Bottom Up! and its projects.

We would like to highlight some technical seminars to support the cultural operators.

  • Sanitization 4.0.: yesterday and today. A formative meeting in webinar mode intended for architects, but also for cultural operators, third sector individuals, and entrepreneurs and professionals that need to update on this subject.
    Tuesday 5th May, at 10:00-12:00.
  • The pandemic as an accelerator. Public space: rethink cohabitation. How could be rethought public spaces? The Fondazione per l’architettura and the Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti of Milan will tackle this issue with 9 architects and town planners from Turin and Milan.
    The meeting will be available for free in webinar mode on Thursday 7, 2020 from 10:00.

(fonte: Fondazione per l’architettura /Torino)


FCA Heritage


We are actively cooperating with the City of Turin to set an early date for the public opening of our
Heritage HUB, despite the challenges that these unprecedented times bring. Located in an industrial
building in the Mirafiori district, the new home and workspace of FCA Heritage houses the department's
collection of over 300 cars. It is a magical, fascinating place where you can dive into the history of Italian
motoring. Visit the Heritage HUB from your PC or smartphone and listen to the story of this unique exhibition space
and its mission, as told directly by our team.
Watch the video

In the Stories section of the FCA Heritage website you can find a broad selection of articles dedicated to
period cars of the Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth brands. From profiles of the most iconic models and
testimonials from customers who have requested our services, to interviews with celebrity owners and
enthusiasts, a vast catalogue of original stories is at your disposal.

(fonte FCA Heritage)



The Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) has decided to activate and engage its whole community in the creative mobility “IED for ITALY” (from the Italian
“IED per L’ITALIA”), launching a “call to creative action” and acting as a collector and facilitator to support the development of ideas and proposals
born in this time of emergency.
As a result of the community’s feedback, the IED has decided to start the second phase of the project. It consist in opening the creative mobility to everyone who asks to be financially supported to create a project at the service of the common good.

To participate, it is necessary to fill out this application form before May 20.
If there are any doubts or you desire further information, you can write to the following email:


(source: IED Torino)


FabLab Torino

We have gathered in a Google Form ―by means of a special “Call for volunteer”― the availability of our partners and the enterprises close to us. Then, we have organized their competences and we have answered efficiently to the health authorities that in the last weeks have been asking us to supply them with 3D printed components (such as the respirator valve by “Isinnova” to turn a snorkeling Decathlon mask into a C-PAP mask, or the filter to turn it into a personal protective equipment for health professionals). We have promptly shared this method with other Fablab premises in Italy that have followed the same strategy.

Thanks to our network, we have contributed to optimize some of these devices and we have guaranteed that some enterprises of the territory carried out a professional production. Among our many volunteers ―other than 3D printing―, we count on programmers and other type of professionals that are working to find solutions to diverse problems, and we have communicated our availability to the appointed entities coordinating the emergency.

The premises of the association are obviously close to the public. They are being used to produce face shields and other personal protective equipment. Supporting the effort of our partners engaged to fight the emergency, we are currently working to produce mask straps, devices to open doors and more tools that can be produced and supplied to those who need them.

info: Fablab Torino


Torino Creativa

We have transformed our social media channels, promoting all the initiatives that have been born during this particular period that have also created an additional new strength, a prove that creativity always finds new paths to express itself. We have become the speaker of initiatives and activities. They are organised as follows:

  • LIVE! a daily programme in which entities and makers of Turin live stream on Instagram and on Facebook.
  • TIPS! a compilation of sections and initiatives of Turin that encompass many different creative sectors.
  • REACT! a series of national and international calls. It was born as a creative reaction to the situation we are going through.
  • I AM CREATIVE an online space for a single person or a group that works as a showcase of his, her, or their own creative and artistic activity.

These actions are already active on our social media. You can contact us or find us on:
Facebook Profile
→ Instagram Profile
Telegram Channel