Everyone protects everyone else


A group of technical and scientific experts from several universities ―located in Piedmont and in other parts of the national territory― and research centers coordinated by the Polytechnic University of Turin has established in this manner a series of guidelines, gathered in the published and constantly updated report “Open Enterprises, Protected Workers”, that will help the political decision-makers restart the country safely.

Objectives of the Project:

– The proposal of simple and cost-effective techniques. We aim at returning to safe workplaces in a short time to reopen all the enterprises, from small to large: open enterprises.

– The implementation of the same measures for the containment of risk of infection at national level: protected workers.

– The support of community and mutual trust between employers and employees: everyone protects everyone else.

To guarantee everyone’s responsibility to reduce the risk of infection transmission to the whole society, while offering additional and detailed information regarding the transport sector, the education sector, the healthcare sector and sports institutions: “everyone protects everyone else, always and anyway.”

A summary in English of the aims, the context, the general principles and the project. (Translated by Gonzalo Suárez Lovelle)
Everyone protects everyone else

The reports have been published (available in PDF format):


Info:  http://www.impreseaperte.polito.it/