Torino Design of the City

International meetings, workshops, events, conferences, exhibitions, tours
World Design Organization TM general assembly

WHEN October 10th-16th 2017
WHERE Turin, Italy




Torino Design of the City

On the occasion of the General Assembly of the World Design Organization™, the City of Torino promote Torino Design of the City - events, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, guided tours – with the objective to explain how design could work on a complex item as the city, to reach innovative and sustainable solutions. The project aimt to concentrate the attention of the citizens, professionals and all other local, national and international design community actors, on the design topics analized widely: design-thinking in public policies, sustainable mobility, new makers, heritage design, urban regeneration, service design, creativity and culture for cities sistainable development. In the event are involved all design chain representatives, the cultural networks where Torino is active, local and international partners, private and public institutions of the area. Will take place in different venues of the city, important fot the event nature, as regenerated spaces, polyfunctional venues, educational sites, public off-center spaces.


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