LIST OF WHL WORLD HERITAGE SITES The identification, protection, conservation and passing down to future generations of cultural and natural heritage across the world: this is one of UNESCO’s chief missions. Heritage refers to the legacy of our past, which we enjoy today and which we pass onto future generations. Our heritage, be it cultural […]

Graphic days

Festival Are you all ready for the Print Parade? From 4 to 14 May, the Cavallerizza Reale in Turin will be transformed into a large laboratory dedicated to printing: exhibitions, performances, talks, live printing sessions and workshops will recount experiences from the five continents, showing how an idea is transformed into a tangible product . Print Parade […]

Creativity takes care – cultura di base nelle biblioteche

The project aims to continue the experimentation of the opening of general practitioners’ clinics of the City ASL of Turin in some libraries of the city. The project follows a trial period that already took place in 2022. We set out to demonstrate that this experience outside the traditional clinics helps to weaken the stress […]

International Forum -The City of the Future

10 –11 October 9:30am – 6:00pm International Forum The City of the Future The Forum is the central moment of Torino Design of the City 2019. It is structured in a plenary session open to all citizens. The UNESCO Creative Cities of Design are invited to talk about the projects they presented in response to […]

Italian UNESCO Creative Cities’ Annual Meetings

2020 The Annual Meeting has the aim to promoote a territorial development model with creativity as a foundation. On occasion of the Torino Design of the City event, the delegates of Alba, Bergamo and Parma (gastronomy), Biella, Carrara and Fabriano (crafts), Bologna and Pesaro (music), Milan (literature), Rome (cinema) and Turin, since 2014 the unique […]


Torino answered to a call of the Italian Ministry of Tourism to fund Italian UNESCO Creative Cities which present a project to enhance the touristic side of their creative field. So Torino, the unique design creative city in Italy, presented a project idea: TORINO. DIRE FARE VEDERE DESIGN. A creative UNESCO city. (the title echoes […]

Research “TCD.1 Turin City of Design: strategies for a supply chain”,

Research “TCD.1 Turin City of Design: strategies for a supply chain”, by tFondazione Santagata per l’Economia della Cultura with the support of the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Chamber of Commerce. The research has outlined the common elements of identity, visions and needs expressed by the actors of the urban design sector – creatives, […]

TORINO DESIGN OF THE CITY 2019 The City of the Future

TORINO DESIGN OF THE CITY 2019 The City of the Future The theme chosen for the 2019 edition of the event, The City of the Future, is obviously closely connected to the theme of the Annual Conference of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network held in Fabriano and its debate. Beyond the evocative atmosphere of the […]

Graphic Days 2022 – Opening event

The seventh edition of Graphic Days® international visual design festival opens on September 17 and 18. A market fair to show the works from studios, artists and indie realities of the visual art world, accompanied by live performances and workshops. A calendar of exhibitions and workshops curated by Graphic Days® and by the resident studios at Docks Dora […]